Artificial Intelligence TPU 1


EXPERT ONLY product – no support from us.

Sample price AU$85.79 including taxes and delivery (November 2021):

1 x Artificial Intelligence TPU 1 = AU$85.79



Product Details

Frequency 500 MHz
Operating Supply Voltage +3.3 V DC
Interface Type M.2 key E (2 clock lines)
Minimum Operating Temperature -40C
Maximum Operating Temperature +85C

This M.2 Key E product is for experts only, it will NOT be detected on most M.2 key E systems. On those that can detect it, only ONE of the two TPUs will be available, since most M.2 Key E systems only support one PCIe bus.

To support 2 PCIe buses we need TWO clock lines, refer to pin 71 and 73 on page 6 of the datasheet:
Discussion on this is available here:

A crazy proposal is to use PCIe packet switching to access both TPUs over one PCIe bus, that is left as an exercise to the reader.