Station Recycling Service


Give us an old working x86-64 computer and we will give you back a fully installed Ubuntu Server with some bundled Disposable Nodes ready to go.

Just plug in power cable and ethernet cable then turn it on – that’s it – you are now part of the worldwide Citizen Synergy compute grid!

1. Disposable Node

Currently included Disposable Nodes on your Ubuntu machine:

  1. Infinite Disk – File Node
  2. Fuzzy Blockchain – Monitor Node

2. Extra Purchasing Service

Add another $29.95 if you want us to purchase a computer on your behalf. Please specify whether you want to buy a 4G, 8G, 16G, 32G, 64G RAM computer and we will give find one and ask for your approval before we buy it.



The x86-64 machine you send us must AT LEAST meet the following minimum hardware requirements:

  • 2 Core CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500GB Disk
  • 1 Ethernet Port
  • 1 USB3 Port

1. Partially Functional Laptops

Laptop with smashed screen, damaged keyboard or missing battery are OK to send in, as long as it still works by plugging in external monitor, external keyboard and external power supply.

Ubuntu does NOT need the attached screen, keyboard, battery to run Disposable Nodes, in most cases the laptop lid (thus the screen) will be closed during operation to conserve power and space.

2. Second Hand Market

Old computers on the second hand market tend to double in price if there is double the amount of RAM.
The attached used computer pricing sample images below are taken on 2022-03-18 in Sydney Australia.

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